• Benefits

    • Premium exchange with RCI.
    • Exclusive rates and amazing programs.
    • Premium Customer Service
    • Maximum booking flexibility.
    • Premium Guest Certificates at no cost.
    • Additional services and benefits spesific to each location.
  • Vacation Flexibility

    • Vacation where you want, when you want and for as long as you want.
    • It provides members acces to a local and global network of very finest properties and world class services and enables to members to enjoy great vacations.
    • Experience exotic safaris, world class ski and coastal resorts, magnificient holidays and more through RCI.
    • The premium membership is full of options and advantages: Thanks to the “Floating” weeks and points system, you will have the ability to choose a spesific week in the year and the destination that meet your travel requirements.
    • You can also have half week vacation in Premium Vacation club, 3 days weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and 4 days weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).
  • Simple and Convenient Planning

    • Receive an annual letter of Premium Vacation Club to use in your home resort or to book thousands of vacation options while depositing your week to RCI.
    • Experience the ease of online booking at RCI.com, plus the assistance of a dedicated Vacation Planning Advisor for all your vacation needs.
    • Bank or buy more Premium Vacation points for longer vacations or expand your vacation options.
    • Have the flexibility of using your weeks every year or collectively.
    • Give an amazing present to your friends and relatives.
    • Buy cash and get discounts
  • Affordable Family Vacations

    • Have your own home in hotel comfort in the center of one of the most amazing city in the world.
    • Get world’s luxury in affordable prices.
    • Get the privilaged vacation experiences with low cost.
    • Avoid rising hotel room or rental apartment costs.
    • In addition to the weeks acquired through the Premium Vacation Club program, your membership offers the ability to obtain discounts and exclusive rates for reservations, located in the most important vacation destinations in the world, and major cities in Europe.
    Have a question? Speak with a Premium Vacation Club respresentative about the flexibility of vacation planning, convenience and the affordability of ownership.

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