• RCI Exchange Program

    Exchange your entitlements through RCI (The global leader in vacation exchange) for other resort destinations. As a PV member, you can exchange vacations through RCI. This gives you access to more than 4.000 resort in more than 100 countries.

    Benefits of RCI

    You don’t have to come every year to Istanbul you can exchange your weeks with RCI

    Exchange holidays with freedom to explore 4000 carefully selected resorts in approximately 100 countries.

    Extra holidays opportunities booking quality resorts worldwide without having to exchange your week.

    Late deals are great value if you can travel at short notice, within the next 45 days.

    As an RCI member you can also access holidays from our partners, such as Wyndham Hotels, Cottages4you and Landal Green Parks that opens you gates of ten of thousands of more options.

    What better to way to enjoy RCI membership than sharing fantastic holiday experiences with friends or family. With Guest Certificates you can do just that.

    You can also have a one stop travel shop with RCI Travel with a full travel booking services like car hire, flights, travel insurance, airport parking and hotels. More over you can also enjoy fancy relaxing cruises and tours as well as short city breaks.

  • What would it

    mean to you?

    Imagine having a holiday property, and getting more than 4.000 fabulous holiday destinations.

    To you it would mean boundless flexibility and choice; the opportunity to explore a world of exotic landscapes and cultural diversities, to holiday in solitude when you need it or immerse yourself in urban energy; to invigorate in a cold mountain lake or luxuriate in the hot mineral springs of a spa.

    Choice a wonderful thing to have, and a premium commodity to provide.